Bellevue Faceoff Academy

Andrew Choe

Bellevue Boys Lacrosse, Varsity Team
2016 International School

Four years ago when I experimented as a faceoff specialist on the 7/8 Bellevue lacrosse team, I didn’t have a single clue as to where to start. Facing-off requires a specific, but valuable skill set that can prove to be the difference between a win and a loss for a team. Despite, its importance, programs rarely have the opportunity to set aside time to develop the necessary skills for a specialist position to dominate the X. Now that I look back at it all, I wish that someone had helped guide and explain the fundamentals of facing-off. The issue is that there are very few opportunities near Bellevue where faceoff specialists can learn advanced techniques. As a result, I travelled to several lacrosse camps on the east coast, where I had the privilege to experience several established programs that solely focused on facing-off. Currently, I play on the Bellevue varsity program as a faceoff specialist. Ever since my freshmen year, I have wanted to find a way for faceoff players to have the opportunity in Bellevue to bring their game to the next level. No kid should have to learn by trial and error or travel out of state to learn an important part of the game.